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At RMG, our top priority is ensuring we get a quality resident for our investors and their properties.  We make sure to leverage the best technologies available to help ensure we are getting a qualified resident whose identity is thoroughly verified.  We perform multiple checks to ensure this happens.

Identity & Fraud Check

Identity theft is very prevalent in today's Real Estate environment, and we want to make sure your investment is protected.  Our screening platform utilizes the latest technology in identity theft and fraud. Potential residents must perform a 180-degree selfie and upload unscanned documents during the application process. 

Credit & Criminal Background Check

Our screening platform checks databases at the local, state, and national levels to ensure we are getting the most complete and updated information regarding criminal records. 

Verified Income & Employment

During the application process, potential residents are able to connect their bank account using the Plaid system which helps give us a complete financial snapshot of their income and rental payments. As a result, we can see exactly how much they are making and if rent has been paid on time.

Rental History & Eviction Check

Our screening platform performs an eviction and broken lease check at the local, state, and national levels and sends a questionnaire to their previous landlords.  The questionnaire includes questions regarding their payment history, pet information, deposit refund status, property condition and more. 

Experience Review

Our team reviews all applications during the approval process to ensure we make an informed decision. We've leased thousands of properties, so we have experience identifying potential red flags. 

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