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Policies & Procedures

Please review our policies and procedures here before applying to one of our properties.  If you have any questions on anything, please let us know.

Application Qualifications and Requirements

Please review our qualifications page here before applying to one of our properties.

Application Fees

A $65 application fee will apply to everyone age 18 and over. In addition, once approved, a one-time $195 admin fee will be required. This fee covers the third-party move-in condition report that will be provided to the resident. This helps protect deposits from any existing conditions the property may already have. A $0 (No Pet, ESA) - $35 (2 Pets) Pets Application Fee is also required for all our properties. 

Required Documentation

We require a state-issued ID or passport, recent pay stubs(if electing not to link bank account), or a copy of the past two years' tax returns if self-employed.

Remotes and Mailbox Keys

A $65 refundable deposit is required per access remote IE garage door openers, gate remotes, fobs, etc.  In addition, a $25 refundable mailbox key deposit is also required when applicable. 


All residents signing a new lease with RMG will be required to carry at least $100,000 in liability insurance.  This requirement is only liability and additional coverage may be needed to cover belongings. 

Resident Benefit Package Subscription

A $20 per month + $5 per adult resident benefit package subscription will apply to all new leases and renewals.  Please see a copy of the package here.

Upon Approval

Upon approval, a signed lease and deposit are required no later than 2 business days after the approval letter is signed.  The property will still be considered available till these items are received by our office.

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