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Do you accept vouchers or Section 8?

We do not accept any housing vouchers or section 8 at this time.

How can I apply for a home?

Once you've reviewed our qualifications and are ready to apply, you can do that here.

Will I receive my full deposit back?

Deposit refunds are subject to the condition of the property upon move-out.

Do you accept co-signers?

We do not accept co-signers at this time.

How old do I have to be to apply?

Everyone over the age 18 is required to apply for one of our properties. 

Do you accept pets?


In most cases we do accept pets, but it is property specific.  Please confirm with us before applying.

What if there is an emergency?

If there is a life treating emergency please call 911.  Otherwise, submit maintenance here.

How long is the lease term?

Our lease terms are generally 12-24 months.  Some exceptions may apply. 

Do you also sell Real Estate?

Yes, we are a full services brokerage and assist with buying and selling. 

Do you accept roommates?

Roommates are a case by case basis.  Please check with us before applying. 

What are your rental qualifications?

Please review our rental qualifications here before applying to one of our properties.

What repairs am I responsible for?

Residents are responsible for items on section 17 of the Residential Lease.  A copy is provided here

What's the best way to pay rent?

The best way to pay rent is throught the online portal.  You can access that here.

Will I have an online portal?

Yes, you will have a portal so you can pay online, schedule maintenance, renew your lease, and review your documents.

Can I apply without seeing the property?

It is required that you see the property prior to move-in. 

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