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How-To Videos

As a resident, it is essential to know how to take care of some basic home care and maintenance items to avoid property damage and financial loss. Click the video links to help with some common issues that may come up.

Changing air filters is an integral part of ongoing care for your heating and cooling system, and provides many benefits such as air quality and lower energy costs.  

Even though we are in Texas, freezes do happen.  It is essential to know how to prepare your home for when that time comes.

If your garage door isn't open or closing, the sensor may have been knocked out of alignment.  Click the link above to learn how to readjust that sensor. 

It is common for toilets to get clogged from time to time.  Rather than waiting on a plumber and potentially causing more damage to the property, you can take steps to try and unclog the toilet yourself. 

Shower drains are prone to collecting different particles, and it is important to know how to remove those when the time comes.  Click the link above to learn how. 

Beeping noises can be a nuisance, and nine times out of ten, that noise is because a smoke alarm's battery is running low.  Click the link above to learn more about changing the smoke detector batteries. 

From time to time the power to a portion of our home may go out.  It is likely that a breaker at the panel has popped and needs resetting.  Click the link above to learn how to reset an electrical breaker.

It is common for a garbage disposal to stop working.  Unfortunately, in the event this happens, the resident can't take steps to troubleshoot that issue.  Click the link above to learn more. 

It's common for debris and other particles to build up in tubs and in sinks.  Learn more on how to clear out those items by click the link above. 

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