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Property Protection

Real Estate investing is long-term, and we understand the importance of continuous monitoring and reporting of that investment.  That's why we offer a range of services to help maintain and preserve your investment over the long haul.


We perform move-in, move-out, and periodic walk-thrus for all our properties. In addition, we have local team members trained to perform extensive checks to ensure the property is ready for a new resident and ensure existing residents are adhering to their rental agreement. 

Preventative Maintenance Reminders

We make sure we are proactive in reminding residents what they are responsible for over their rental term.  We send monthly reminders to change air filters, keep the yard addressed, and more. 

Resident Liability Insurance Requirement

We require all of our residents to carry at least $100,000 in liability insurance.  We go on as an additional interest, so if they cancel, we are notified and our system will automatically add insurance to their account.  If the resident damages the property, you are covered. 

Third Party Property Condition Reports

In addition to our walk-thrus, we use a third-party company to perform a non-biased condition report to give us an extra set of eyes on the property.  This report is provided to all parties and helps us understand who is responsible for damages during the move-out and deposit refund process.  Additionally, if the resident has a dispute, this holds up in court since it is a third party. 

Lease Enforcement

We are black and white when it comes to the lease.  If the resident doesn't take preventative measures over the course of the rental term, they could be financially responsible.

Deposit Refunds

Upon move-out, we perform our walk-thru and provide the third-party condition report.  This ensures we have the most accurate information and we are able to charge the residents for any damages they may have caused. 

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