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Routine Maintenance Items That Are Resident Responsibility

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

It's important to know who's responsibly is who's when it comes to property maintenance. We'll go over a few items that can be overlooked sometimes.

Trees and Shrubs

Unless it's agreed upon in the lease, generally trees and shrubs are resident responsibility. It's common to get to the end of the tenure and the trees have grown to a point where they are touching the roof or into the neighbors yard. It's a good rule of thumb to return the property how it was given, and this includes trimming the trees and shrubs.

Debris in the Plumbing

Sinks, garbage disposal, and other plumbing items often get clogged up with debris like tissue, glass, or other household items. Residents often times submit maintenance requests, but fail to understand that these types of items are resident negligence and are most likely their expense.

Air Filters, Light Bulbs, and Smoke Detectors

Generally these item need to be replaced over the duration of the lease, and it is common (especially people coming from apartments) to submit maintenance request for these items even though they are the resident responsibility. It's good practice to double check the lease to confirm what is needed to be routinely taken care of during the lease term.

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