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With any investment there is risk, and we are here to help mitigate that risk as much as possible.  Even though our eviction rates are less than 1% each month, evictions do happen, and if they do, we are here to help.

Lease Enforcement

We are black and white when it comes to the lease.  If terms are not met by the residents, we take action.  

3 Day Notices

Once the resident is in default of rent payment, we file a notice to vacate with the appropriate court system. This gives the resident 3 days to pay or we will go to court for a judgement to take back possession of the property.

Forceable Detainer

Once we appear in court and we are rewarded a judgment to take back possession of the property, we can start the process of removing the resident. 

Writ of Possession

After we are awarded the judgment, a date is given for the residents to be completley out of the property.  This date is backed by an appointment with a constable at the property to ensure complete removal of the resident and their belongings.

Legal Network

Not every eviction is equal. In the event we need legal help, we have an extensive network of companies and individuals we can rely on to ensure we are successful in the eviction process.

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