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Owner Alignment

Everything we do is designed for us to win only when our clients win. We feel the only way to give our clients an advantage is to stay completley aligned with their interest to ensure mutual success. 

Fee Structure

As a percentage-based company, we only charge a fee when we've completed the work. This means we only get paid when the property is leased, rent is collected, or a renewal is done. Since our fee is a percentage, we're motivated and incentivized to get the most amount of money in the shortest amount time for our clients. Unlike other companies that prioritize their own gains with setup fees, junk fees, yearly and monthly charges, we only charge when the owner wins and results are delivered.

Conflict of Interest

Other companies make money off the maintenance and make ready by charging a percentage on top of the invoices or an in-house staff that must have full-time billable hours.  We do not.  We feel this is a conflict of interest and we only address the needs of our clients, not our own gain.  

Our Promises

At RMG, we want our owners to be happy and completely satisfied.  We feel we are always trying to earn our client's business, and that's why we offer our promises. Check them out here.

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