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Accounting is an essential element in the property management process. We want to ensure we are transparent and keep the most up to date and accurate records so our clients can make informed, intelligent financial decisions.

Rent Payment Processing

Once rent is collected, we process the payment within our system and begin reconciling the account to make sure payouts are on time and accurate. In addition, our dedicated accounting manager verifies any payables and receivables to help maintain a high level of quality and accuracy. 

Electronic Statements & Payouts

Along with payouts, we provide monthly statements and vendor invoices to our investors.  Payouts are made by the 12th of each month, and statements are provided by the 15th.  These can either be mailed or ACH'd to a U.S. bank account.  Statements, invoices, and lease documents would also be available in the investors online portal.

Vendor Payment Processing

When any maintenance is performed, we coordinate the collection of any outstanding invoices from the vendors to make sure we process their payments within the investor's account.  Invoices are then provided with monthly statements as well is in the investor portal.  This also includes any items during the make ready process IE utilites, lawn, etc which are also the investors financial responsibility.  

End of Year Tax Reporting

At the end of each year, we will provide a year-end report and issue a 1099 for tax purposes. This report will be sent electronically and will also be available in the online portal.

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